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Welcome to Dan Hardy Photography's Event Viewing and Online Ordering site. We hope you enjoy your visit. Simply find your Category and Click on your Gallery posting. You can enjoy a slide show or scroll through as individual photos. The photo number is listed below each photo for reference and/or questions. You may order any photo by using the ordering drop down menu. Various sizes and merchandise are available. Every order is inspected and finalized by us for optimum quality. They are delivered directly to your door. Your Event Posting remains on the site for 6 Months.
Please return back every once in a while, as there will be new improvements and options for viewing and ordering.
As you will discover we do Weddings, Family, Child, Pet, Event and Sports Photography. Our Wedding Prices start out at $475.00. Session fees start at at $20.00. Proof Books are $24.95 for a standard Book. If you have any questions or comments please contact us by Email at mindseye_52@yahoo.com or by Phone at 608-647-8648.
Again, Thank you for the honor of working with you and trusting us with your very important photo event. Please enjoy your visit here and share your Gallery with friends and family...Thank you...Dan